Hello Tacilia!

World's first Voice Controlled Tactile User Interface.

Despite its dire need in education, Blind students especially in lower and middle income countries have limited access to information in Braille and Tactile Images.

Tacilia is a Voice Controlled Tactile User Interface based on a novel shape changing material technology and an advanced speech recognition AI.

With a Voice User Interface, we believe that interaction with Tacilia will be intuitive for Blind users. They will be able to simply talk to Tacilia to display any Braille and Tactile Graphic Information.

Our novel tactile actuator technology makes full page refrehsbale Braille and Tactile Graphics affordable. It is showing good results and a consistent performance in our tests.

This is the first time such an actuator is being designed, fabricated, tested and put to use.

Tacilia is being developed by a motivated team of Material Scientists, Interaction Designers, Disability Interaction Experts and a coommunity of people with visual impairments at the Global Disability Innovation Hub, UCL and IIT Delhi.

Tigmanshu Bhatnagar

PV Madhusudhan Rao

Ana Lemmo Charnalia

Catherine Holloway

Vikas Upadhyay

Tamara Giltsoff

Nicolai Marquardt

Anchal Sharma

Mark Miodownik

along with Sonali, Chetna, Mukesh, Deepak, Suraj, Adarsh, Ayush, Depika, Komal, Laurent, Dr Getika .... and an active community of people with visual impairments in UK and India.

See some of our recent publications.

Technical Paper at IEEE World Haptics Conference 2021

Demo Presentation at IEEE World Haptics Conference 2021

Poster Presentation at RESNA 2021

We are closing in on its first proof of concept prototype!

Stay tuned for updates...